This Could Be The Worst Hollywood Movie


I am wondering how comes Zac Efron keeps being casted in some of the worst movies from Hollywood. Truth be told this guy has talent but the caliber of movies that he acts are disappointing. I was shocked to see one of his movies “Dirty Grandpa”. In my opinion that movie was total bullshit. The producers of this movie should just quit and start doing something that matches their hobby. To begin with the movie had one of the weakest story lines. It is one of those movies that you torture yourself to finish. Robert De Niro is a great actor but no offence he is too old to be acting such silly movies. What were they thinking when they come up with such a movie I am forced to believe that the creators were high on weed or just wanted to waste our time with such a whack movie.

If this is the worst movie wait till you see Neighbors 2 and you will wonder if the creators were serious or just wanted to torture us with their poor movies. This is a movie that I have tried watching many times but I end up sleeping each time I start watching. It is one of those movies that you should never attempt watching. I love Zac Efron a lot and I mean a lot but honestly speaking how does he end up getting roles in such weird movies. Some of his previous movies are out of this world but I think it is time for him to fire his manager as he is doing a poor job in landing him movie roles. It is time we go back to good movies that had us glued to our screens and not racist and very abusive movies with no sense of humor.

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