Wonder How You Can Last More In Bed?


Most men are wondering what they will do to last long in bed. It is really disappointing that some men can last less than one minute in bed. You have been scratching your head wondering what you will do to make sure that your lady gets the satisfaction she always craves for. Most ladies love sex but they are too proud to show it. You will get amazed once you hear what women talk about when alone. These ladies love sex and need to be satisfied in bed or else they will look for someone who is willing to satisfy them at any time of day.

First of all sex is an art and one should take time when doing it. Some of the dudes out there will just jump on top of the lady and start fucking the lady. That is not healthy, ladies need to be taken slow and for you to make sure that they enjoy the sex make sure you give them some amazing foreplay. It is ignorant and boring to have sex without giving the lady some amazing foreplay. As you know ladies need to be wet so as to enjoy sex and if you don’t give them foreplay how will they achieve that.

Another thing make sure you put their needs before yours. Make that lady feel like a queen as you suck her pussy and play with her body before having your pecker in her hole. I am sure if you do that you will give your wife one of the best sex ever. You need to make her comfortable in order for you to be comfortable. If you are not a fan of oral sex it is time you tried it as it makes one last longer in bed.

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