Tips To Go Viral On Youtube


If you haven’t watched those funny football videos on YouTube then you are missing out on a lot of fun. Nowadays if you want your ribs cracked just click YouTube and come across some of the funniest videos. You will watch this professional footballers do some crazy shit. You might wonder if these players were high on something or were just having a rough day. I came across this video of a play getting past about three defenders then beat the goalkeeper only to blow his chance and shoot wide. What was he even thinking? You only have the goal to yourself and then you miss the goal. Come on are you retarded or you need some slaps in order to come back to the real world. This guy must have slapped himself many times after the game.

Another crazy video I watched is where one player has his hard on the opponent’s balls; I don’t mean the football but the balls in between his legs. I mean you were supposed to play with your feet and not your hands and I am sure football is not about grabbing another player’s ball. Maybe this guy mistook the guy’s balls for the real balls. You might be blind but how do you confuse such a big ball for such tiny ones. If I was the other guy am sure I would give the player who is holding my balls one hell of a beating. My guy that is my future you are messing with and only my wife has the authority to touch. I Know I look cute but am quite sure you had no right grabbing my balls. Whatever you do my brothers please never mess with my balls and concentrate on the real ball.

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