Minions, Love Them Or Hate Them


Nobody loves the minions like I do. Like seriously whoever came up with such a brilliant idea needs a Nobel Price. Those cute creatures have always blown my mind from the first time I set my eyes on them. They are stupid but at the same time adorable.

I remember watching my first Despicable me and I was blown away by their presence. Am sure they crack your ribs each time you see them in action. The thing that makes me laugh most about them is their gibberish talk and stupid action. Credit should be given to the guy who came up with that language as it is just insane and something that cracks my rib.

Minions have graced the screens for a while now and you will be amazed by the number of followers they have. If you haven’t watched minion the movie then you are an old fool who deserves a good spanking. The movie was hilarious and the little creatures never let me down as they scrambled to look for a master to serve and struggled with their craving for bananas. Every night I lie in bed I pray that I wake in the morning with the body of a minion. How fun can that be? I have the opportunity to have the experience of being a minion. I envy those little guys as they know no limits to having fun. They are always planning something that is mischievous and at the same time crazy. It is like that one guy who annoys you but you cannot do without. The only thing the creator of the minions forgot about is how they poop. I mean come on those little guys need to poop with all that junk they eat.

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