Why Do We All Love Kevin Hart?



Kevin Hart is surely one of the funniest actors in Hollywood if not the funniest. This guy has my ribs cracking each time I check out his amazing movies. Despite being one of the shortest actors in the business this guy works hard in order to fit in some of the best movies. If you haven’t watched central Intelligence then you are surely on another planet. The creators of this movie decided to unite one of the strongest men in Hollywood and one of the funniest actors to come up with a masterpiece of a movie. It is one of those movies that keep you glued at your screen all through.

Most of you know Dwayne Johnson as The Rock and you never thought that he has a funny side. You will be blown away by his humor and some of the most awesome jokes that will have your ribs cracking. He has outdone himself in this movie trying to showcase his side that the world has never had a glimpse of. He surely does a good job with Kevin Hart in entertaining audience in one of the best story lines. On my opinion the detective story line is outdated but this movie delivers in all aspects that you look for in a movie. It is a movie that gives you action out of this world and makes you laugh your heart out as you watch the story unfold. You will watch Dwayne Johnson turn from a fat kid to one well-built giant that is out to prove the world wrong. The moral of this movie is you should believe in yourself no matter who stands in your way. You have to be positive and make sure that the hates what you as you make it in life.

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