Is HTC M8 A Great Phone?


You will all agree with me that HTC one M8 was surely a phone that was made for this millennium. Once the phone was announced I was among the first people who made sure that they had this phone. The design of the phone was what caught my attention at first. It was a device that could enable me carry out my day to day activities with no hustle. It was one of the best phones of the year 2015. According to various critics and reviews this phone was worth every penny and it is a shame that some of you missed out on the ultimate experience. It is one of those phones that you hold close to your heart once you purchase. You will enjoy how easy and user friendly this phone is. The phone was surely a needle in a haystack as it provided one with one of the best cameras of all time. You will be blown away by the dual camera that gives you one of the best resolutions I have ever seen from a phone. You will enjoy taking selfies no matter the time.

The phone had a 2.2 ghz processor speed which when compared to other phones is one of the best speeds you will ever come across. The processor was one to die for as it gives you the chance to do as many tasks as you wish at any given time. The metal cover made the phone look sleek and definitely one that is surely out of this world. It is one of those designs that I will never forget. The Ram happened to b 2 GB and the internal memory was just insane I see no use of memory cards when it comes to this gorgeous and out of the world phone.

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