Ever Wondered How To Become Famous?



It is funny that nowadays everyone wants to become famous through Youtube. This is the place where all the kids with poor school results turn to once they realize they have nothing much to offer in life. I came across this fat kid who uploads video of him dancing with only her undies on. I mean come on, how lazy are you? I have nothing against fat people but this guy blew me away with his amazing dance videos. Some of you will be grossed by the amount of fat that the guy has. What is typically in this video is that the fat keeps wobbling from side to side and the guy is not even dancing.

Most of you might say am harsh but I think this guy has his priorities all wrong. Instead of going to the gym and working out to make sure you get rid of that fat, you are busy shaking it making our kids that being fat is awesome. Dear man you need to stop making those videos and start making videos of you losing weight. How do you intend to inspire others while looking like a pig? I know you are looking for a way to make money but me watching your fatty ass on the screen for about five minutes is really gross. I have not been able to sleep once I saw you shaking your tummy while dancing. Immediately I saw your video I made sure that my kids went to the gym in order to get into shape. I have no beef with people who make YouTube videos but at some times there is a difference of being funny and being gross. Anyway I love your creativity and wish you all the best but you should really get rid of the fat.

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