Common Typos On Social Media


With the invention of “Whatsapp” it has made texting easier. Unlike the previous time where one was not able to images, whatsapp makes it possible for one to share images to an individual or to a group of people. Some people are having a hard time using this app and end up airing their dirty laundry for everyone to see. Let us take for instance you are chatting with your girlfriend and she asks you for a dick pic. Mistakenly you send it to a different person. How are you going to start explaining yourself? This has happened to many people and you are left embarrassed since someone out there has an image of your manhood. Maybe it is that side chick that you have always bragging about having a big cock and then you accidently send her a tiny pecker. Matters get worse if you accidently send the pic to a group. Maybe you send it to a group consisting of your workmates. That is when you wish that the earth would open and swallow you alive.

I have heard of chicks that have sent pictures of the vagina to their parents. How do you start explaining to them that you were sexting with your boyfriend? I for sure know that my parent will summon me home and ground me for a whole year. It is not funny sending your private pic to the wrong person. I think people should do away with sexting to avoid such things happening to them. If this has not happened to you be careful. Since the invention of screenshots you will not be surprised such images on the internet. It is like someone is waiting for you to make the wrong move in order to make sure that the whole world knows. Be careful when sending your naked pics on whatsapp, you might be next

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