Why Teens Have Sex So Early?


Couple in bed laughing and cuddling
Couple in bed laughing and cuddling

It is funny how kids nowadays know about sex at a very tender age. You will be shocked by the number of kids who have their first sex experience at the mere age of fourteen. Most of this is thanks to the internet which leaves no stone unturned. I am going to address those kids who are trying to have their virginity lost over the weekend. Sex is something precious and you need to be prepared for the effects it has on your life after your hymen has been broken. Boys will be boys and are looking for ways to prove that they are men. To be honest I lost my virginity at the age of 23 to my college sweetheart and I will tell you everything was worth the wait. Sex is all about having it with the right person and mostly at the right time. Sex is not a thing to play with as you might get pregnant. Continue reading “Why Teens Have Sex So Early?”

Wonder How You Can Last More In Bed?


Most men are wondering what they will do to last long in bed. It is really disappointing that some men can last less than one minute in bed. You have been scratching your head wondering what you will do to make sure that your lady gets the satisfaction she always craves for. Most ladies love sex but they are too proud to show it. You will get amazed once you hear what women talk about when alone. These ladies love sex and need to be satisfied in bed or else they will look for someone who is willing to satisfy them at any time of day. Continue reading “Wonder How You Can Last More In Bed?”