Minions, Love Them Or Hate Them


Nobody loves the minions like I do. Like seriously whoever came up with such a brilliant idea needs a Nobel Price. Those cute creatures have always blown my mind from the first time I set my eyes on them. They are stupid but at the same time adorable. Continue reading “Minions, Love Them Or Hate Them”

Common Typos On Social Media


With the invention of “Whatsapp” it has made texting easier. Unlike the previous time where one was not able to images, whatsapp makes it possible for one to share images to an individual or to a group of people. Some people are having a hard time using this app and end up airing their dirty laundry for everyone to see. Continue reading “Common Typos On Social Media”

Tips To Go Viral On Youtube


If you haven’t watched those funny football videos on YouTube then you are missing out on a lot of fun. Nowadays if you want your ribs cracked just click YouTube and come across some of the funniest videos. You will watch this professional footballers do some crazy shit. You might wonder if these players were high on something or were just having a rough day. I came across this video of a play getting past about three defenders then beat the goalkeeper only to blow his chance and shoot wide. What was he even thinking? You only have the goal to yourself and then you miss the goal. Come on are you retarded or you need some slaps in order to come back to the real world. This guy must have slapped himself many times after the game. Continue reading “Tips To Go Viral On Youtube”

Ever Wondered How To Become Famous?



It is funny that nowadays everyone wants to become famous through Youtube. This is the place where all the kids with poor school results turn to once they realize they have nothing much to offer in life. I came across this fat kid who uploads video of him dancing with only her undies on. I mean come on, how lazy are you? I have nothing against fat people but this guy blew me away with his amazing dance videos. Some of you will be grossed by the amount of fat that the guy has. What is typically in this video is that the fat keeps wobbling from side to side and the guy is not even dancing. Continue reading “Ever Wondered How To Become Famous?”

Why Do We All Love Kevin Hart?



Kevin Hart is surely one of the funniest actors in Hollywood if not the funniest. This guy has my ribs cracking each time I check out his amazing movies. Despite being one of the shortest actors in the business this guy works hard in order to fit in some of the best movies. If you haven’t watched central Intelligence then you are surely on another planet. The creators of this movie decided to unite one of the strongest men in Hollywood and one of the funniest actors to come up with a masterpiece of a movie. It is one of those movies that keep you glued at your screen all through. Continue reading “Why Do We All Love Kevin Hart?”

This Could Be The Worst Hollywood Movie


I am wondering how comes Zac Efron keeps being casted in some of the worst movies from Hollywood. Truth be told this guy has talent but the caliber of movies that he acts are disappointing. I was shocked to see one of his movies “Dirty Grandpa”. In my opinion that movie was total bullshit. The producers of this movie should just quit and start doing something that matches their hobby. To begin with the movie had one of the weakest story lines. It is one of those movies that you torture yourself to finish. Robert De Niro is a great actor but no offence he is too old to be acting such silly movies. What were they thinking when they come up with such a movie I am forced to believe that the creators were high on weed or just wanted to waste our time with such a whack movie. Continue reading “This Could Be The Worst Hollywood Movie”

Why Teens Have Sex So Early?


Couple in bed laughing and cuddling
Couple in bed laughing and cuddling

It is funny how kids nowadays know about sex at a very tender age. You will be shocked by the number of kids who have their first sex experience at the mere age of fourteen. Most of this is thanks to the internet which leaves no stone unturned. I am going to address those kids who are trying to have their virginity lost over the weekend. Sex is something precious and you need to be prepared for the effects it has on your life after your hymen has been broken. Boys will be boys and are looking for ways to prove that they are men. To be honest I lost my virginity at the age of 23 to my college sweetheart and I will tell you everything was worth the wait. Sex is all about having it with the right person and mostly at the right time. Sex is not a thing to play with as you might get pregnant. Continue reading “Why Teens Have Sex So Early?”

Wonder How You Can Last More In Bed?


Most men are wondering what they will do to last long in bed. It is really disappointing that some men can last less than one minute in bed. You have been scratching your head wondering what you will do to make sure that your lady gets the satisfaction she always craves for. Most ladies love sex but they are too proud to show it. You will get amazed once you hear what women talk about when alone. These ladies love sex and need to be satisfied in bed or else they will look for someone who is willing to satisfy them at any time of day. Continue reading “Wonder How You Can Last More In Bed?”

Is HTC M8 A Great Phone?


You will all agree with me that HTC one M8 was surely a phone that was made for this millennium. Once the phone was announced I was among the first people who made sure that they had this phone. The design of the phone was what caught my attention at first. It was a device that could enable me carry out my day to day activities with no hustle. It was one of the best phones of the year 2015. According to various critics and reviews this phone was worth every penny and it is a shame that some of you missed out on the ultimate experience. It is one of those phones that you hold close to your heart once you purchase. You will enjoy how easy and user friendly this phone is. The phone was surely a needle in a haystack as it provided one with one of the best cameras of all time. You will be blown away by the dual camera that gives you one of the best resolutions I have ever seen from a phone. You will enjoy taking selfies no matter the time. Continue reading “Is HTC M8 A Great Phone?”

Latest Huawei Review By A Fan



If you have not catch a glimpse of the newest addition to the Huawei phone franchise then you are missing out on one of the best phones of all times. I love the fact that this is a phone that is sleek and amazing to walk around with. You will be blown away with this amazing gadget that is surely out of this world. It is a device that gives the user the chance to engage the world in a different angle. It is a phone that connects you to the world. Most of you are wondering what am talking about? Worry no more as am talking about the new Huawei Mate 9 phone. This is not just an ordinary phone but something out of this world. Continue reading “Latest Huawei Review By A Fan”